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Turn stress into energy and pain into growth in these daily spiritual practices.


Break out


Turn In



 light shi

ne bri


The cottage

We are Jesus followers trying to chart a new course every day. We treat one another with joy and practice radical inclusivity, including those who disagree.

We want to be a surprising space, where you aren't judged for your job, your smarts, your money, or your circumstances. We are imperfect but always seeking to grow together.

We believe Jesus, the divine, walked the earth to both empathize and reconcile with his creation. As his followers, we are compelled to mobilize out of love for others.

We live with grief for the church's role in colonization and oppression of marginalized groups. While we acknowledge our capacity for sin, our heart is to be a safe space for people from all ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender identities, and expressions to use their gifts and be celebrated as those created in God's image. We believe it is our calling to listen to one another's stories and reconcile collective wrongs with our lives.

We seek to live peacefully through interfaith dialogue and collaboration.  We work for the common good and enjoy the beauty happening in our communities.

Together, we find rest for weary souls and hope in a broken world.  And we watch the Spirit give life to people and ideas.



We're getting together,

it wouldn't be the same without you.

Dress Code

No strict dress code but please, wear clothes.

For all that is holy, especially when we meet online.


We aren't tied to one location so catch up with us as nomads throughout the Toronto area.

Looking to start a cottage in your area?

Contact us.


Locations are accessible by transit

and within a block of parking.

Free parking is available on site

however space may be limited. Check the event details for more info.

Coat Check

Kidding, we're not that cool. We'll make sure you have a safe spot to keep your stuff, though. 

Maybe bring slides to change out of sludgy boots.

If you like your sludgy boots,

go ahead and keep them on.

We'll just judge you for it. 

(Kidding, we're cooler than that.)

can we help?





86 West River Street

Oakville, ON L6L 3B5

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